Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catering Near Me?

Catering Near Me is a catering/delivery service for restaurants. Giving the Restaurants more "Quality Time" to provide great food for their customers. If they are set up with delivery, we can provide leads and orders for their catering service.

Is there a minimum or maximum order requirement?

Yes, we do have a minimum requirement of 8 people, but there is NO MAXIMUM!

Does Catering Near Me Prepare the Food?

We do not prepare the food. We partner with restaurants to provide delivery service, leads and orders for their catering operation. For a full list of the restaurants we work with, please visit our About Us page.

What additional charges may apply?

Additional charges may apply for delivery distance, additional items, item substitutions, and/or special setups.

What is Catering Near Me’s Delivery Service Area?

We deliver to ALL of Metro Detroit, PLUS we travel to Monroe, Ann Arbor, Brighton, Flint, Port Huron, and everywhere in-between. For a comprehensive list of cities that we deliver to, please visit the About Us Page.

Have a question that we did not answer here?

Send us a message via the contact form, email us, or contact us at 248.795.4588.